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a group of college and young professional women in St. Louis seeking to deepen their spirituality and grow in holiness while discerning a possible vocation to religious life

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"Charity gave me the key to my vocation. I understood that the Church had a Heart and that this Heart was burning with love. I understood that Love comprised all vocations, that Love was everything, that it embraced all times and a word, that it was eternal! My vocation, at last I have found it...My vocation is Love!"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

If you were to find a gold coin, would you ask yourself, "Why has no one else found it?" Of course not. You would not hesitate to take it as your own. Likewise, when you find a brother in need, realize that you have found something more valuable than any treasure - the opportunity to care for one another. Let us not fail to do so!
--Blessed Mother Teresa


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